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Depotting Sleek Eyeshadows

Depotting Sleek Eyeshadows

JUST A QUICK DISCLAIMER! Most of the items I used to do this were things I had lying around in my house. There are much more conventional and safer ways to do this, you could just search “how to depot sleek eyeshadows” on Youtube and tonnes of video tutorials will pop up. However, I was feeling quite daring, hence why some of these instructions may come across risky. 😉


You will need:

  • Sleek palettes (obviously haha)
  • Tissue
  • Scissors
  • Candle (or any other form of heat) – some of you may not even need this!
  • Sharp object (thin enough to wedge between the eyeshadow palette)
  • Z palette (if you’ve ordered one, you should have received assortments of magnets with the palette too)
  • Sturdy desk to lean on

But most important of all, you will need:

1. Break off the mirror of the palette.


2. Bend the palette with the eyeshadows slightly to try and loosen the compartment that hides the eyeshadow pans. You may hear tiny “cracking” sounds – THIS IS A GOOD THING. I’d say this is a crucial step to make the rest of this depotting session easier. However be gentle so you don’t break any eyeshadows/hurt yourself.

3. Get the sharp object and wedge into the corner of the eyeshadow opening. My choice of weaponry was this random bit of a nail clipper. I wasn’t kidding when I said I literally used whatever was lying around the house for this lool.

4. Eventually you will be able to get the whole thing off. After that is done, pick out the eyeshadow pans individually with the sharp object.


5. If the eyeshadow pans feel quite stiff and seem difficult to remove, hover the palette over the candle and it should melt the adhesive, thus making it easier to wiggle free. BE CAREFUL YOU DON’T BURN YOURSELF. The palette can get hot when hovered above the candle light.


6. Keep plenty of tissues at hand. Wipe away any extra adhesive and/or eyeshadow fallout.


  Repeat these steps until you eventually end up with this:


After all the eyeshadow pans have been set free from their palettes, attach the magnets to the pan. I found that the rectangular magnets provided with the Z palette was a bit too big for the Sleek eyeshadow pans so I cut them in half with scissors – SLOWLY. Do this slowly so that the magnets don’t go flying out of your hand and land somewhere in the room.

After some uphill struggles with your patience, strength and will to live – the eyeshadow pans should be out of their palettes! I have to say, despite the approach I took to remove these pans from their palette, only two committed suicide on me (shattered themselves into pieces), one began to crack and another had a dent in it due to my carelessness of placing the scissors directly on top.

Look at this mess…


Now enjoy some photos I took of my complete palette.



 I hope you found this post helpful – if you have any questions then comment below and let me know!

Tam xx