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Ayla Beauty London – PR Haul

Ayla Beauty London – PR Haul

Hey all! I thought it’d be nice for me to try and start doing haul posts showcasing some things I’ve received from brands, just so that you’re all able to refer to my blog whenever you liked!

Just wanted to thank Ayla Beauty London for their generous package that they sent out to me (#Gifted).

I received four prescription coloured contact lenses, their iconic Desert Rose eyeshadow palette and five of their liquid matte lipsticks:

Prescription Coloured Contact lenses:

Ocean Brown & Graphite

The contact lenses are super comfortable, I wear contact lenses so I’m very used to putting them in and taking them out. I love that the colour shows through, despite having very dark brown eyes.

Super easy to remove!

Liquid Gel Illuminator – Pearl

I love that there aren’t any large chunks of glitter or too greasy.

Frenchkiss Liquid Matte Lipsticks:

Shade swatches: Paris, Nice, Marseille, Cannes and Lyon

These dry down to a complete matte finish and feel as though I have a Colourpop or Beauty Bakerie liquid lipstick on. The lipstick will need to be topped up after lunch, as the lipstick does disappear whilst eating, but that’s expected of most lipsticks, not just matte ones!

Eyeshadow Palette – Dessert Rose

I really love that this palette has incorporated five matte eyeshadows and five glitter eyeshadows. The pigmentation is great for both the matte’s and glitters, however I would note that the glitter chunks can be quite disruptive if it does get in your eye, so try and be precise when you’re applying it!

Discount anyone?

Ayla Beauty London have also been kind enough to give my followers an extra 15% off their shopping order with the discount code ‘TAMANNA’

They currently have a sale on at the moment and the code works on top of sale price! Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

FYI: This is not a sponsored/affiliate/commission based post, I do not get paid for any of the mentions in this Ayla Beauty London blogpost. I hope you all enjoyed reading this haul!

Click below to see my Vidtorial using my Ayla Beauty London goodies!