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Primark Beauty Haul

Primark Beauty Haul

So yesterday, my sisters and I went on a shopping spree and somehow in the midst of all the shopping madness, I found myself staring at the cosmetics section of Primark in Tottenham Court Road. 

I’ve always wanted to try out their liquid lipsticks seeing as I love their lip pencil so much. In fact, I may have bought a little more than just a couple of liquid lipsticks 😉

I’ll be swatching everything I’m hauling today so stay tuned!

I’ve got to hand it to Primark, they’ve definitely impressed me with their packaging and pricing! 😮 Now unfortunately, I’ve lost the receipt for my purchases so I’m not going to be able to tell you all their prices on here 🙁 However, I can tell you that nothing cost me more than £2.00 per item!

I purchased these three nail varnishes because the shades were just too tempting not to buy:

Nude Selfie, It Girl and Post This

Nail swatches:

❗ When I was taking off the nail polish, I noticed that “Post This” stained my nails, and although they claim to only need ‘one coat’ of nail polish, I had applied the darkest shade twice because it was quite streaky upon first application. The other two were perfectly fine though!

These are the lip products I bought!

When I was swatching these in store, they did take a while to dry on my hands so be mindful if you go in store and do the same! I ended up swiping the swatches on my clothes 😳

I got two lip pencils:

I’m quite a huge fan of the Primark lip pencil formulas, they’re creamy and have great blend-ability. Sometimes when I have a ‘no-effort’ makeup day, I can go on my day with just this on my lips! Although I do have to apply two layers of the lip pencil to get its true colour, it still applies creamy and feels light on the lips.

I purchased these three liquid lipsticks:

The first one claims to be satin finish, the other a ‘pro liquid matte lipstick’ and the last one ‘an ultra matte no transfer’ liquid lipstick. Now because this isn’t a review post, I can’t put their claims to the test, however if you would like me to do a review on these, or anything on this blog, then do comment below and let me know!

And although I can’t comment on their longevity, I can show you their swatches… (Unfortunately the first swatch had no name so I titled the sequel it had at the bottom)

I also bought this ‘Lip Lacquer Liquid Lipstick’ purely because it’s shape intrigued me.

And that concludes the end of my Primark Beauty Haul! I am pleasantly surprised at the pigmentation of their makeup, and will definitely be trying out some other items/shades when I get the chance.

Thanks for tuning in!