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Charity Pages to Donate to!

Charity Pages to Donate to!

Salaam everyone! I hope that the beloved month of Ramadan has been fruitful for us all. I wanted to make it easier for us to donate to charity, Ramadan may be drawing to a close for us this year but that doesn’t mean giving to charity must end too! 

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) has said: “The earth on the Day of Resurrection will be scorching, except for the shadow of a believer, for verily his charity will serve him as shade.” (Kanzul Ummal: Volume 11, Page 616)

I have listed several charity pages for you all to donate to.

To make it even easier to choose a specific cause, I’ve also added in some basic information, along with the target.

Target of £1,1000. With your help, Lina would like to raise £1100 to build 7 water pumps around Bangladesh. Around the South Western parts of Bangladesh water pumps/wells are still more scarce, where people are having to walk many miles in order to receive clean water, on a daily basis.

Click here to donate. Crowdfunder: Lina Begum

Pledged a target of £500. The Orphanages house up to 1,000 destitute orphans and children who would otherwise suffer on the streets with abuse, hunger and violence and forced into child labour. At Help in Need Today, they provide a home for the children, equip them with school, Islamic education, meals, clothes and more. Similarly, the Madrasah’s provide an education and key Islamic knowledge to children who otherwise would have no access to such fruitful knowledge.

Click here to donate. Fundraisers: Maisha, Fatima & Sadika

Target of £200. The Gift of Knowledge Box Hill Family Trek, to help raise money for educational projects in Bangladesh and around the UK.

Click here to donate. Fundraiser: Aklima

Target currently £900. Haamid will be climbing Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in Britain in order to raise money for Penny Appeal’s water campaign. This campaign aims to provide clean water to those in areas where they cannot easily access it; it is estimated that 1 in 9 people don’t have clean water near to home – this equates to approximately 844 million people.

Click here to donate. Fundraiser: Haamid

Target of £1,000.  At least 60 Palestinians have so far been killed in the latest clashes in Jerusalem and Gaza. With a further 12,271 injured. Healthcare services are struggling to provide even the most basic treatment to victims of the violence. Any donation will help aid healthcare clinics and plant olive trees.

Click here to donate. Fundraiser: Hanifa

Target to raise £1,500. Alliya is volunteering on a Mental Health Placement later this year. This placement focuses on providing volunteers to help in the mental health field on a global scale, and in countries where resources are scarce. Unfortunately, Bali is under resourced in mental health and coupled with a distinct lack of understanding, makes for seeking and obtaining the necessary treatment extremely difficult for those in need.

Click here to donate. Fundraiser: Alliya

Target of £500. Amna is raising money for a mother who is unable to find a job because she fears leaving her children alone due to the conditions of Pakistan and the recent events. The father of the children refuses to be a part of their lives and does not financially support them. All your donations will help go towards food for the family, clothing,  providing fees for education and above all providing fees for Islamic Studies.

Click here to donate. Fundraiser: Amna

Crescent Relief is striving to relieve human suffering since the turn of 2nd Millenium. We work in various countries like Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, Syria and Gaza. They are providing income generating projects to unfortunate people to help them establish a good standing in the community, we provide education to orphans and monthly financial support to widows and we set up clean water projects by providing water hand-pumps, water wells and re-routing of spring water.

Click here to donate.

If you would like to have share another charity page/organisation to be shown here, then please message me with the link and I can do that inshaAllah! 🙂