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The Tag For Makeup Addicts

The Tag For Makeup Addicts

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  1. Which product do you keep buying more of despite having plenty in your collection?

Lipsticks. No matter how many times I try to convince myself I don’t need it, no matter how many shades I have, no matter how similar these shades may be to one another – a little voice at the back of my head tells me that THEY AREN’T THE SAME! Most people collect stamps, I however, collect LIPSTICKS.

  1. What’s the one product you can’t live without?

Okay so I thought long and hard for this one. My initial answer was going to be my multi task brush from the Real Techniques Travel Essentials Kit* but I felt like I was cheating since it wasn’t a makeup product per say… Sooo after long deliberation, and through the process of elimination, I have decided that the one product I cannot live without is my Sleek Face Contour Kit! It has a contour shade, highlight shade and blush shade – three-in-one! I use it on myself and on clients, and have always achieved great results from it. It is literally my holy grail product!

  1. Favourite Makeup Brand?

THIS IS THE WORST QUESTION YOU COULD ASK A MAKEUP JUNKIE! How unfair is this question though?! :’( I’m definitely going to have to cheat on this question hehe ;D

A FEW of my fav makeup BRANDS are:

  • Sleek
  • Rimmel
  • MUA (Make Up Academy’s eyeshadows are amaaazing for their price!)
  • Makeup Geek (I’ve only purchased eyeshadows from her and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!)
  • Lorac (I have the Lorac pro palettes 1 & 2, and I absolutely love the pigmentation and quality of them!)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills (her Dipbrow Pomade is amazing! I have a review/pictorial of this here)
  • Natural Collection (their blushers are lovely!)
  1. How big is your makeup collection?

Welllllll… being a makeup artist & makeup junkie, I definitely have a lot. I try to give some away to fam and friends, but somehow I end up with still the same amount! D:

  1. And how do you store it?

Anywhere you can think of. Lool, seriously. I have makeup everywhere in my room, on my dresser, in my drawers, on my shelf,  in my luggage for my freelance kit, in my handbag and my makeup bag.

  1. How many items of makeup have you got in your handbag at the moment?

Two lipliners, a mascara, liquid eyeliner, blot powder, multi task face brush, setting brush, three lipsticks, a cotton swab and some chewing gum?? This tag just helped me find a pack of chewing gum I thought I had lost haha 😀

  1. If you could raid another blogger’s stash, who would it be?

Definitely has to be Pixiwoo’s stash  – I mean seriously. Between the two makeup artist sisters, they must have an immense amount of makeup!

  1. How long does your usual makeup routine take and how many products do you use?

My makeup routine really depends on my mood and what I’m going to be doing on the day, but lately my go to simple makeup routine takes no less than 10 mins:

  1. Have you ever bought makeup knowing you wouldn’t use it?

Unfortunately I have a habit of consuming products that I, at the time, think “would be great for my kit” and then realise months later that I’ve never once reached for it. But I’ve never really purchased anything that I wouldn’t later use knowingly – that’s a bit silly IMO!

  1. Tag a few other makeup addicts to do this tag!

A massive thank you to Iqra aka TheBlushingGiraffe for tagging me to do this! Check her out if you haven’t already >>>

Some of the products I’ve mentioned:

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this – I tag you! Tam xxx