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DUPE: MUFE Flash vs eBay Find

DUPE: MUFE Flash vs eBay Find

Hi everyone! The other day I was rummaging through my makeup collection and stumbled across this Imagic 12 Colors Flash Palette that I had bought a while ago.

I bought the palette from eBay as it was a more affordable dupe for the infamous Make Up For Ever Flash Color Case. The MUFE Flash Palette retails for £75 on the Guru Makeup Emporium website and is £10.19 from eBay’s Imagic Flash Palette. 

This palette isn’t one that everyone will need to own, but if you are a lover of colour and want to experiment with cream based products then I’d recommend giving this a go!

Swatches of the Imagic Flash Palette:

For anyone that’s unfamiliar with what this palette is, it’s described as a grease product on the Guru Makeup Emporium website, and includes the following:

  • Compact makeup palette
  • Contains 12 grease colours
  • Includes 2 metallic shades
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Mix various colours to create new shades
  • Use on face, body, eyes, cheeks, lips
  • Use for high fashion, catwalk
  • Can also be used for creating special effects 

*Please note that as this product is being bought from China, it will take longer to arrive.

* Also be aware that any item(s) bought from China may not have genuine ingredients compared to the real items, so buy with caution.