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EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation

EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation

Hey everyone, welcome back! Quite recently I uploaded a base routine on my Instagram and as pointed out by a lovely commenter on the post, the EX1 Invisiwear Foundation is an affordable product that is quite underrated!

In this post, I’ll be showing swatches of the few shades I bought, along with some pros and cons I’ve found with this foundation so stay tuned! 😀

So to begin with, I purchased the foundations from Guru Makeup Emporium, and I bought three shades because I wanted to add them to my kit, and bought an extra shade for my own personal use.

FYI: Since ordering them, the foundation range has introduced some newer shades and also renamed a few of the originals too.

So the three shades I bought were shade F100 (now shade 3.5), two shade F200’s (shade 6) and shade F400 (shade 14)

Before I give my verdict on the pro’s and cons of this foundation, here are some of its claims:

  • Lightweight, luminous liquid base blends to a beautifully natural undectectable finish.
  • Light diffusing particles help detract from lines and subtly blur imperfections.
  • Specially formulated “true colour” pigments help to acheive perfect unison with your skins natural tone.
  • 100% oil and fragrance free.
  • Non comedogenic.
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested.


  • Shade Range: The Invisiwear Foundation claims to be “designed specifically for golden, olive undertone” which is perfect for many of us South Asian girls. The undertones in this foundation seem fitting for most skin tones, and although I don’t have them all, I have no doubt that there’ll be a shade available for more or less anyone.
  • Foundation Finish: I personally love the Invisiwear Foundation for everyday use. As you can see from the pictures below, the finish of the foundation is sheer and gives off a ‘natural glow’ (which matches with their claim), making it perfect for day-to-day use.

  • Packaging: Aside from the gorgeous bronze-gold shiny packaging, the way the pump has been designed to release the foundation means that no foundation will go to waste from the bottom. Also, I love the lid and pump of the foundation – something about holding it in your hand just feels so clean and pristine!

However, as unfortunate as it is, I have a few issues with this foundation…


  • Price: The foundations are priced £12.50, but purchasing from Guru Makeup Emporium means that this price is minus tax and shipping and handling fee – which can be a nuisance for anyone who makes online purchases. Alternatively though, you could make the order from Look Fantastic, and they have free delivery!
  • Longevity: Although the finish and comfortability of this foundation allows me to overlook this tiny flaw, the longevity of it can be an issue to a few people! Although it doesn’t claim to be long lasting, I’ve noticed that nearer the fourth/fifth hour of having this foundation on, it tends to fade.

    However, this could be because I have a huge habit of resting my hands on my face (where the foundation disappears), but normally I can just blot the area and it’ll seem to set it in place.


Would I recommend this product? Yes, I definitely would recommend this foundation to South Asian girls who are after a breathable, lightweight foundation to wear daily. Although I understand shade-matching is a huge issue with making online foundation orders,  Guru Makeup Emporium have a store in Kensington Church Street for my fellow London folks!

Thank you for tuning in to this post, comment below for any questions/ suggestions for future posts xx