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JANDS Eyelashes Review – Catered for Bangladesh

JANDS Eyelashes Review – Catered for Bangladesh

Before I  begin this post, just a quick disclaimer! It’s important to note that although I’ve been lucky enough to receive the JANDS lashes as part of Sheuly’s care package, I can assure you, as with all my posts, this will be my 100% honest review of the eyelashes.

Heyy everyone! Welcome back, today I will be reviewing JANDS false eyelashes. This post will include pictures of the lashes on myself, and I’ll be assessing these eyelashes on quality, comfortability and packaging toward the end of this post so stay tuned for that. 

To put your curiosity at ease, JANDS is the first brand of mink eyelashes that have been created by the one and only Sheuly Rumu Begum solely for Bangladesh! If there is one thing that anyone should know about Sheuly – she is a huge advocator of Bangladesh, so it’s come as no surprise to me that she’s catered her JANDS brand for BD’s major cities.

Currently, she has released three different eyelashes, after the cities Sylhet, Dhaka and Moulvi Bazar. And as many of you may have seen on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago, I have been completely won over by these JANDS eyelashes!

Right off the bat, you can tell the time and effort that went into creating and picking these eyelashes. The lashes come in a box adorned in white and gold, and inside are the eyelashes with their names:

Here are the beauties!


I particularly like the different styles that JANDS have to offer, Sylhet has been created to give a more ‘natural’ look to the eye, Dhaka is perfect for evening outings and Moulvi Bazar is ideal for events/parties!

My favourite style is ‘Dhaka’ and here are a few shots of me wearing them:
IMG_6374Photo 05-06-2016, 8 25 55 pm

Now I’m definitely aware that UK peeps aren’t able to get a hold of these gems, but the reason behind it is so that we can ask our relatives who make trips to BD if they can get the lashes for us as presents or souvenirs. I love this concept because it’s just as similar as asking relatives who go to America and you give them a list of all the items you want from Sephora – I know I can’t be the only one to do this 😉

JANDS also have a FB page where you can check out the teams latest updates, and Sheuly has been known to have the occasional UK giveaway so do go ahead and like the FB page (click here) – you’ll notice that the lashes have 5* ratings so my review of these are definitely not biased! As mentioned earlier, I’ll be assessing the eyelashes on their price, packaging and comfortability, and scoring them from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).


The JANDS FB page states that the lashes are “virtually indistinguishable from human eyelashes, each individual strand is ultra-soft, naturally tapered, and frivolous and stays stunningly curled.” In regards to being indistinguishable from human lashes, I must say, you can definitely tell that I’ve got falsies on, however the image below speaks for itself in showcasing how beautifully tapered and curled the eyelashes are!


I have not curled the eyelashes, nor have I applied mascara on them (other than the mascara I applied to my real eyelashes prior to applying the falsies). And for that reason, I believe that the quality of JANDS eyelashes is without a doubt 5 out of 5!


These eyelashes are very comfortable – although the lash band does appear to be thick, they are actually perfect and no different to Huda Beauty’s falsies. 

This is how the falsies look on me with the rest of my makeup:
IMG_6383 (2)

They feel very light once they’re on, and the only reason why I scored 4.5 instead of a full 5 is because falsies can never 100% feel comfortable as the day goes on (I can only speak for myself). This is probably because mink lashes are naturally quite full and, although JANDS is lightweight, toward the end of the night you definitely just want to pull them off – as with any false eyelashes!


Right off the bat, you can tell the time and effort that went into creating and picking these eyelashes. The lashes come in a box adorned in white and gold, and inside are the eyelashes with their names. 


The reason why I gave the score of 4 out of 5 is purely due to my personal preference when it comes to packaging. Although I adore JANDS’ packaging, I do personally find the boxes to be a bit bulky when storing them away. This can easily be fixed by taking the plastic that holds the lashes out of the boxes and carrying them instead – this however, does make the lashes more vulnerable to being damaged/unprotected.

Overall, JANDS eyelashes are definitely something I’d tell anyone and everyone in the Bangladesh beauty industry. Thank you all for reading, and be sure to follow JANDS on Facebook and Instagram