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MUG Eyeshadow Review With Swatches

MUG Eyeshadow Review With Swatches


[You can click on the eyeshadow names mentioned below to view them directly on the Makeup Geek website]

Shimma Shimma | Gold Digger | Peach Smoothie | Chickadee | Crème Brulee |  Cosmopolitan | Mango Tango |  Goddess  | Cocoa Bear | Country Girl | Unexpected  Bitten | Sensuous  | Simply Marlena  | Razzleberry Peacock | Ocean Breeze  | Poolside  Envy  | Dirty Martini  | Lemon Drop | Corrupt  | Z Palette Large – Black  

Before I show you the swatches, I just want to say that I LOVE THESE EYESHADOWS! I would definitely recommend these to anyone and everyone!

I’ve seen a lot of reviews that compare the MUG eyeshadows to MAC ones – and rightly so! I’m going to go far as to say that MUG eyeshadows are better than MAC ones. Here are a few of many reasons why I think this:

Firstly, they are a fraction of the price compared to MAC eyeshadows! The MUG eyeshadow pans retail for $5.99 a pop which is approximately ~ £3.80 whilst a MAC eyeshadow pan retails for £10.

Secondly, they are just as high in pigment (if not, more) compared to MAC eyeshadows:
*FYI I’m not comparing the shades, rather demonstrating the pigmentation of them both!*

Shimma Shimma by MUG and Nylon by MAC


Another reason I like these eyeshadows is because they are so great for my freelance kit. The colour range is absolutely amazing, and I was able to customise a variety of colours all in one Z palette.  And what’s more –  the pans are already magnetic and cling onto my Z palette far better than the MAC eyeshadows that have an additional strip of (weak) magnet on the pan.

Here, I’ll show you what I mean:


See how the whole pan is magnetic for MUG? Whereas the MAC pan has a strip of magnet attached to the otherwise non-magnetic pan.

Also, (this is something that bugs me personally) because of the magnetic strip attached to the bottom of the MAC pan, the eyeshadow pan itself sticks out a bit more in my Z palette compared to the MUG pans… I feel like the magnets attached to the MAC ones are fairly weak and don’t sit firmly amongst each other like the MUG ones do.


And obviously most important of all…. MUG DOES NOT FUND ISRAEL 😀 *not to my knowledge anyway*

And for someone who’s boycotting companies that fund Israel, I am so glad that these eyeshadows exist. I seriously feel like everyone should just drop off the MAC hype and invest their money to these eyeshadows. You can barely tell MAC eyeshadows apart from these MUG ones.

Righty-roo, now onto the swatches! I’ve written the name of the eyeshadow and described it’s colour so you could have a better idea of the eyeshadow colour along with the swatches. Apologies in advance for the rubbish angle of my arm!


Swatches of first row:

BeFunky_Row 1.jpg

Swatches for second row:

BeFunky_Row 2.jpg

Swatches for last row:

BeFunky_Row 3.jpg

I hope you’ve had a good read and hopefully this was well-informed for you! Let me know if you have any further questions in the comments below!

Tam xxx

List of all the eyeshadows mentioned: