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NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Hey girls! As promised, here is my NARS ADLW Foundation Review
(just had to abbreviate the name, too long to type!)


Product information:

  • Price – £32.00 for 30ml
  • Frosted glass bottle – definitely gives a high-end luxurious look
  • 20 different shades to choose from
  • No oil/alcohol/paraben/fragrance or SPF
  • Comes with a pump (YAY)
  • Rubber lid


  • Full and natural looking coverage
  • 16 hour wear
  • Easily blendable
  • Light-as-air feel to the skin


I’ve been wearing this foundation every time I go out for about 2 weeks now so I can say I’ve definitely managed to try this foundation out long enough to write about its pros and cons! First and foremost, I absolutely love that this foundation has a pump. With the Sheer Glow, you had to buy the pump separately so this is great for us! Also make sure to SHAKE BEFORE USE! Lest we forget, they’ve even reminded us at the back of the foundation – how thoughtful!


One pump will definitely give a natural and flawless finish. Compared to Sheer Glow, this foundation gives a great medium coverage that can be build-able to a full coverage one. I’ve tried and tested to see how much pumps I may actually need because although the one pump would be great for everyday wear and gives a flawlessly natural coverage, I personally like to have a slightly fuller coverage. I realised that two pumps is far too much for me, I end up wasting a lot of the product. Thanks to the handy pump that comes with the foundation, I was able to squeeze out the perfect amount for me – one and a half pumps. I’ve found that the foundation still manages to feel very lightweight on the skin and I don’t look cakey at all (huge plus!) It gives a lovely light-matte finish!

Here is a picture of how far just one and a half drops can go!
Photo 22-06-2015 9 01 47 am

This foundation has obviously proven to be a great foundation for my oily skin; however I set all my foundations with a blot powder just to ensure that the oils are kept away throughout the day. The finish of this foundation is not compromised with the blot powder; I still get an amazing flawless coverage.

However I’ve realised that as the hours go on throughout the day, the foundation and powder start separating – not a HUGE amount but for someone like me who does not like touching up on her makeup (besides my lipstick), I find myself having to go in with my powder brush with no product on the brush and just lightly dab over my face to try and blend the foundation and powder back in. Now, as I said, this is not an entirely noticeable fault (it can only really be seen if you look close enough), but it is a noticeable fault to me. I’ve noticed that I mainly get the separation around my smile lines because I talk and laugh quite a lot – and it’s impossible for me to stop doing either of those!

I’ve worn this foundation for as long as 11 hours and besides the foundation and powder separating in my smile lines, have found that this foundation lasts a long time! I’ve yet to ever need to wear a foundation for as long as 16 hours but I’m sure if the situation ever were to arise, this foundation would have me covered (pun very much intended haha!) 😉

No foundation vs. foundation:
Photo 19-06-2015 1 26 41 pm

What the foundation looks like on its own:
NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Once the rest of my face makeup is on:


Product Tip:

  • Do not pump directly onto your brush! The lightweight liquid formula means that the brush bristles will just absorb all the foundation and you’ll find yourself spending a longer time trying to blend everything into the skin. I like to pump a drop and a half on the back of my hand and then using my index finger, dot the foundation all over my face and THEN I go in with my brush to distribute the product evenly.
  • The rubber lid can attract a lot of stains easily but simply use a wet wipe to keep it looking nice and clean!

So to summarise…

Pros: Comes with a pump,  gives a flawless coverage (although can be disrupted with powder), long lasting, feels lightweight. Very easy to blend and great for my oily skin.

Cons: Separation of foundation and powder in my smile lines. Besides that, the pricing for this foundation isn’t cheap– £32 for 30 mls of product, I grabbed mine when ASOS had a 20% off sale on their website! Thanks to Iqra ( or @theblushinggiraffe on IG), I’m always notified on the ASOS sales! Also, the rubber lid  can be an issue for those that are a bit high maintenance like me! It can get covered and stained easily, making it look dirty – although this can be easily cleanable, it gets tedious!

Overall thoughts:
ADLW is great foundation that I would happily repurchase (when ASOS has another sale)! It’s easily blendable with a great light-matte finish and long lasting power. I’m going to try using a translucent loose setting powder instead of my pressed blot powder to see if the separation problem would still be an issue!

I would definitely recommend this foundation! Maybe more so to those with oily skin or normal to oily, rather than dry skin… However if you moisturize enough and would like to give this foundation a try for yourself then by all means do so!

Hope you’ve had a good read, if you have any questions feel free to comment below and ask!